Product Approvals

Product Approvals

This is an approval given to a Telecom Product or network which will be interfaced with Telecom network.

Because each country operates a different telecommunications network, some telecommunications equipment can be safely used in one country, but not in another.

Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements. Generally, type approval is required before a product is allowed to be sold in a particular country, so the requirements for a given product will vary around the world.

We, advise companies on product approvals (Type Approvals) from authorities. Our experience in telecom industry helps the vendors to clear their products for speedy market rollout. Keeping quality at the best ensures that the products work beyond their life span without service interruptions. We make sure that the best quality products are being rolled out in our area of service.

We are actively engaged in type approvals for the following passive components in UAE.

  • Awesome Nature
  • Awaded Resort
  • Online Booking

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