Consulting Services for Telecommunications Industry

Consulting Services for Telecommunications Industry

Keeping the world connected is no easy task–evolving technologies, increasing adoption, limited resources, and governance structures all play into the success of the telecom industry. Net Business Hub works with executives in all areas of the telecommunications industry, providing experience, and insight to help industry leaders implement the changes demanded by the market.

Services and solutions


• Telecom Product Testing & Approvals

Net Business Hub (NBH) is the perfect choice to help you with your telecoms testing and approvals.

We work with telecoms companies from the initial product design phase with our Qualification services to support them through the testing and approval of telecoms components and help them take their product to the global market.

Our expertise from testing thousands of different products every year and our industry-leading telecoms testing capacity allows us to help companies mitigate the risk of failing to meet critical deadlines.

Our expertise in testing and approvals helps manufacturers demonstrate the durability and effectiveness of a product in its working environment and enables them to take that product to the global market.

• The Future of Connectivity: Understanding fiber deployment and how fiber products interact with the network is now more engaging than ever before. Explore our services to deliver authority approvals for your valuable products. We provide consulting services for product approvals from authorities.

• Innovative Network Designs: Delivering the most scalable Data Networks, Net Business Hub (NBH) ensures your investment in business is safe and secure. With NBH, the required inventories are reduced, the time to rollout is reduced, and service reliability is improved because there are fewer opportunities for error.

• Our Data Center Consulting Services combine both invaluable, upfront strategic assessments and planning with continued support in the delivery of the assessment outcomes and recommendations. Unlike other consulting firms that end relationships after the formation of a strategy. NBH provides the necessary resources, skills and knowledge to ensure successful delivery of those strategic initiatives.

• Smart City Consulting: We specialize in strategic communications, public policy development, and strategic planning based on creative solutions, insights, and messaging that help make our clients successful. We work with people looking for solid research and analysis, compelling communications, and new ideas and insights, whether we are engaged in policy analysis and development, communications plans, public engagement processes, five-year plans, or city branding.

• Telecom Strategy:Telecom operators are waging a war for connectivity and customer intimacy. As profit pools decline, mobile and fixed services converge, and business boundaries in the broader ecosystem blur, NBH can help. We serve telcos around the world, helping them to better understand their customers, build superior networks, find a sustainable path to growth and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization.

• Innovation Ecosystem: Helping clients rapidly achieve ambition through innovation. Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, we work to unearth new opportunities and drive transformational growth for our clients. We help our clients set innovation strategy, design, build, and launch innovations and become better innovators. And we do this by creating innovative ecosystems within the organization.

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